Clouds Large Like Rocks Great Showers

IN the old Almanacks we have this Sign of the Weather thus expressed.

When Clouds appear like Rocks and Towers,

The Earth's refresh'd by frequent Showers.

THE Reason of this seems to be, that the watery Vapours are then

condensed, or condensing, which gives them this rough and ragged

Appearance, and as soon as the thin Films that retain the Water are

broke by this Pressure, these hea
y Clouds descend in Rain.

THESE Observations, as well as some that follow, are agreeable to all

Climates, which is the Reason that they appear in so many different

Authors, and have been taken notice of in so many Ages. This however

does not at all diminish the Credit, or the Merit of our Shepherd's

Observations, who certainly drew them not from Books, but from his own

Experience, and therefore their agreeing so well with the Rules of

other great Masters, ought to establish his Authority in such Cases as

are not supported by alike concurrence from ancient or modern Writers,

the Testimony of Nature is always sufficient Evidence.