If Cloudy And It Soon Decrease Certain Fair Weather

I Conceive the Reason of this to be, that the Vapours being then

specifically lighter than the Air, are still rising upwards, in which

they are assisted by the Heat of the Sun Beams, agreeable to the Notion

of Dr. Derham, who observes, that after much cloudy Weather, it is

always fair before it rains, because the watery Vapours are not

condensed till they reach the cold upper Region, agreeable to the

common English say

The Evening red, and Morning grey,

Is a Sign of a fair Day.

IT is also an Observation, of Pliny's in his natural History.

SI ab ortu solis repellentur Nubes, & ad occasum abibunt, Serenitatem


That is,

IF at Sun rising the Clouds are driven away, and retire as it were to

the West, this denotes fair Weather.

THERE is an old Adage to this Purpose, which, because it is very

prettily expressed, deserves our notice, viz.

A red Evening and a grey Morning,

Sets the Pilgrim a Walking.

In French thus.

Le rogue Soir, & blanc Matin;

Font rejouvir le Pelerin.

The Italians say the same.

Sera rosa, & nigro Matino;

Allegra il Peregrino.