If In The New Moon Rain In The Old

WHEN Exhalations rise copiously from the Earth into the Region of the

Air, and the Air itself is in a proper Disposition, they ascend to a

great Height, and continue a long Time before they are condensed, which

accounts very clearly and philosophically for the Interval of fair

Weather between the rising of these Mists, and their falling down again

in Showers. Their ascending about Sun-rise is a Proof that the Air is

thin, but at the same time of a Force sufficient to sustain them, since

if the Mists were not specifically lighter than the Air itself they

could not ascend.

WHEN the Moon is at the full, and such Exhalations rise plentifully,

the time necessary for them to float in the Atmosphere, before they are

condensed into Clouds and Rain, extends, generally speaking, beyond the

Period of that Moon, and therefore the Observation directs us to expect

fair Weather.