If Large Clouds Decrease Fair Weather

THE same kind of Reasoning accounts very clearly for this Prognostick,

since it shews, that the Vapours are either exhaled by the Sun's Heat,

or are driven off by Winds, and so resolved into smaller Clouds,

capable of ascending higher in the Atmosphere; all which are

Circumstances that secure us from Rain, and afford us a certainty of

fair Weather.

IT is, however, to be observed, that large black Clouds are frequently,

in a Summer Evening, melted into Dews; and this much more frequently

happens in the Autumn, because the Evenings are then cooler, and the

Vapours more easily condensed for that Reason. In all Observations of

this Sort, there is a great degree of Prudence and good Sense required

to apply them, and hence it very frequently happens that such

Observations are condemned as treacherous and abusive, merely because

those who would employ them want the Sagacity which is requisite to

understand them clearly.