Mists If They Rise In Low Ground And Soon Vanish } Fair Weather

THIS is a sure Sign and very well expressed, that is, clearly, and, in

few Words, which is the Excellency of such Aphorisms. In order to be

convinced of its good Sense and Certainty, we must consider a little

what Mists are, whence they rise, and what becomes of them.

MISTS are, strictly speaking, uncompacted Exhalations, which while they

fleet near the Earth are styled Mists, but when they ascend into the

Air, are called Clouds. If therefore, rising out of low Ground, they

are driven along the Plain, and are soon lost to the Sight, it must

arise from some of these Causes. That there is an Air abroad sufficient

to divide and resolve them, or the Heat of the Sun has been strong

enough to exhale them, that is, to rarify them, so as to render them

lighter than the Air through which they were to pass. Whichever way

this happens the Maxim remains unimpeached.