Clouds: Small And Round Like A Dappley-grey With A North-wind Fair Weather For 2 Or 3 Days

THIS is differently expressed by other Authors. My Lord Bacon tells

us, that if Clouds appear white, and drive to the N. W. it is a Sign

of several Days fair Weather.

OUR old English Almanacks have a Maxim to this Purpose.

If woolly Fleeces spread the Heavenly Way,

Be sure no Rain disturbs the Summer Day.

AND Pliny to the same Purpose.[c]

[Footnote c: Ubi supra.]

SI Sol oriens cingetur Orbe, & postea totus defluxerit aequaliter,

Serenitatem dabit.

That is,

IF the rising Sun be incompassed with an Iris, or Circle of white

Clouds, and they equally fly away, this is a Sign of fair Weather.

THERE is another English Proverb worth remembering.

In the Decay of the Moon,

A cloudy Morning bodes a fair Afternoon.