If The Sun Rise Red And Firey Wind And Rain

THE Reason of this Appearance is, because the Sun shines through a

large Mass of Vapours, which occasions that red Colour that has been

always esteemed a Sign of Rain, especially if the Face of the Sun

appear bigger than it ought, for then in a few Hours the Clouds will

grow black, and be condensed into Rain, sudden and sharp, if in the

Summer, but settled and moderate if in Winter.

THE old English Rule p
blished in our first Almanacks agrees exactly

with our Author's Observation.

If red the Sun begins his Race,

Be sure that Rain will fall apace.

IF the Reader would see this elegantly described, the Master of Poets

hath it thus.[a]

Above the Rest, the Sun, who never lies,

Foretels the Change of Weather in the Skies;

For if he rise unwilling to his Race,

Clouds on his Brow, and Spots upon his Face,

Or if thro' Mists he shoots his sullen Beams,

Frugal of light, in loose and straggling Streams,

Suspect a drizzling Day and southern Rain,

Fatal to Fruits and Flocks, and promis'd Grain.